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CreativE Change 

 Our Story 


In 2011 we produced a play called '2facebook', based upon a real-life story of a young girl from South London who sadly took her life due to cyber bullying.


The Disadvantaged Young People (DYP) from the BAME community had never performed before. Yet in just 5 days they did everything themselves! They not only sold out, but also brought awareness to a serious issue, whilst raising money for those in need.

The feedback was...

"This needs to be rolled out EVERYWHERE!"

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Following on from this we started running more community-based workshops where we taught drama to young people. We were at the forefront of offering the first of these services to the BAME community.

This opened the door to other opportunities, like a theatrical tour debuting the first Muslim pantomime 'If The Shoe Fits' which was creatively produced entirely by our team.


Our work predominately focuses around charity and using this to help and heal communities. We believe that children are the future and our workshops are helped to shape their young minds in a positive way teaching morals, manners, and life lessons.

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