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CreativE Change 

Meet Norah


Our dippy explorer, was a main character in the pantomime 'If The Shoe Fits'. She has a background in geography and is obsessed with nature. Even though her character is forgetful (which allows her to come up with rhymes to help the children to remember) she loves to teach.


Her favourite lessons include teaching about:

Brilliant Bees - Importance of team work and how we need to protect them

Wonderful Worms - Recycling and why we need their poo

Beautiful Butterflies - How their stages can help us understand changes in ourselves

Concerning Climate Change - What we can do to help

Norah may have you touching worm's poo, tasting bitter honey, smelling stinky flowers, and much more. But watch out, she will probably forget your name

Available for: Assemblies, Workshops, and Class Lessons

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